Commercial Incentives

New Business Incentive Program

The Town of Roblin and the R.M. of Shell River, together with the Roblin & Shell River Economic Development Office, are committed to welcoming new businesses to our community. As a result we have developed an incentive program that aims to encourage new businesses to locate to our community and at the same time to alleviate some of the financial burden when starting a business.


All requests must be in writing using the New Business Incentive Program application form (Download a Acrobat PDF copy of the form in the Downloads section at right -- Adobe Acrobat Reader required.).. Any other pertinent information, such as a business plan and feasibility study, should also be submitted with the application. The Economic Development Office will review all applications and determine if all of the eligibility criteria are met.

After the application has been reviewed, the Economic Development Office will make a recommendation to the respective council who will then make the final decision.

All information will be confidential and all decisions will be made in a timely manner.

Eligibility Requirements

Only for-profit businesses are eligible to apply for the Incentive Program. Government organizations, not-for-profit and charitable organizations are not eligible.

Eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Even though an application may meet all of the eligibility requirements, the final decision will be made by the Town of Roblin, and/or the R.M. of Shell River.

In order to be eligible for the Business Incentive Program, all applications must meet the following criteria:

  • The application must be for a new business that has never been operated by the application at a previous time in the Town of Roblin and/or the Rural Municipality of Shell River.
  • A minimum capital investment of $100,000 in land, buildings, inventory, infrastructure, technology and/or equipment must be made.
  • The new business must create a minimum of three new long-term jobs. The jobs must be for permanent (not casual) long-term positions.
  • The new development must result in a net increase in the property assessment as determined by the Manitoba Assessment Branch.
  • The developer must obtain all applicable permits before development begins and must conform to all development plans and zoning by-laws as set out by the municipalities.
  • Any general contractors hired to work on the development must hold valid Manitoba provincial and municipal licenses.
  • Applications must be received within 60 days of the possession and/or occupancy date.

Incentive Program

For a new business, a cash grant equivalent to:

  • 100% of general municipal tax levies in Year 1
  • 75% of general municipal tax levies in Year 2
  • 50% of general municipal tax levies in Year 3

Year 1 is defined as the 12 months following the occupancy and/or possession date.

Incentive Payment Details

  • Incentive will be payable at the end of each year, after all taxes have been paid. At this time a rebate form will be required in order to receive the incentive payment. A copy of the receipt will be required.
  • A review of the business will be conducted each year to ensure that the eligibility requirements are still being met.