Chamber of Commerce

Roblin & District Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is an organization that is made up of businesses and individuals in the Roblin area. The goal is to develop business and community in the area.

Meeting Dates: will vary, contact office.
Meeting Place: Coop Boardroom
Meeting Time: will vary, contact office
Chamber Office: 147 Main Street - Hours are 8:30am - 5:00pm Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday.
Phone: 937-3194

President -- Pamela Hansen
Secretary/Treasurer & Office Manager -- Wanda Jordan

Sara Marzoff
Kristen Ramsay
Liz Zachedniak
Louise Beasley
Sheila Tremblay
Lisa Peters

Municipal -- Lawrie Lungal
Economic Development Officer -- Ben Brodeur
MAFRD -- Annette Allen

Benefits of Membership
Benefits of Joining include; access to the following programs; Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan (Canada's #1 plan for small to medium businesses) Master Card/Visa Merchant Rates, Esso Imperial Oil Program, My Safety Assistant, MTS Long Distance, Wireless & Data Plans and more. Business Support for anything from Marketing to Expansion Issues, Goal Oriented to Aggressively Improve our Local Economy, Network of Associates to Support your Industry Issues, Open Luncheon Meetings, e-newsletters, Roblin Dollar Gift Certificates.

Annual Community Events organized/sponsored by the Roblin & District Chamber of Commerce
Rumble in Roblin Car Show, Spring Community Garage Sale, Fair Dance, Bug Chucker Cup, Craft Show, Festive Friday & Parade of Lights, Christmas Bonus Promotion, Welcome to Roblin evening, Roblin Manitoba Youth Job Centre, Goose Lake High School Bursary, Trans-Canada Crocus Trail, Lions Prairie Classic Walleye Tournament.

Together we are stronger, so please support our initiatives and become an active member of our Chamber.

Fee Structure
Business with 1 employees -- $100.00
Business with 2-3 employees -- $120.00
Business with 4-6 employees -- $150.00
Business with 7-9 employees -- $200.00
Business with 10-20 employees -- $250.00
Business with 21-50 employees -- $300.00
Business with 50+ employees -- $400.00
*An employee is defined as a person who works 20 hours or more per week and is not a seasonal employee.
Family Farm (non corporate) -- $100.00
Non Profit Organization -- $55.00
Individual Volunteer - Free

*Each additional listing or business owned by the same individual, partnership or corporation may join as an Affiliate at a discount of half the cost of the applicable membership level, with the primary membership being the largest of the businesses memberships.

Join our Team and Make Our Community Strong!

Contact for new members(click on the link below):
Roblin Chamber of Commerce on Facebook

Phone: (204) 937-3194
Website: Click here