Economic Development

Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Initiatives GO Centre

Whether you are a farmer, business owner, budding entrepreneur or community leader, the staff at the Roblin Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) GO Centre will provide you with a wide variety of expert, objective information and resources on agriculture, business and community development and value-added initiatives. MAFRI has moved from an agriculture-only mandate to one that includes food and rural initiatives and works towards the goal of creating vibrant and sustainable rural communities. Local, national and global changes in the agri-food sector have called for a new way of sustaining rural and agricultural communities. The department has equipped itself with the tools necessary to help clients embrace new opportunities in primary production, business development, value-added processing, agri-energy, agri-forestry, agri-fibre and agri-tourism.

MAFRI can provide you with information on:

  • Developing, expanding or diversifying your business
  • Farm production advice
  • Value-added or agri-food business start-ups
  • Community development and youth programming

... and that is just the beginning

Visit our website for more information on our expanded programs and services at or contact the Roblin MAFRI office at 937-6460.

The following is a list of our staff with contact information.

Annette Allen, B.S.A.
Business Development Specialist
Food and Agri-Product Processing Branch
Manitoba Agriculture
Box 970
Roblin, MB R0L 1P0
(204)937-3608 (Fax)
Email Contact: Annette Allen

Elizabeth Nernberg
Farm Production Extension Livestock Specialist
(204)937-3608 (Fax)
Email Contact: Elizabeth Nernberg

1. Jack Keown
2. Kevin Craig

PCDF - Parkland Crop Diversification Foundation
1. James Frey - Diversification Specialist
Email Contact: James Frey

2. Haider Abbas - Diversification Technician
Email Contact: Haider Abbas

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Location: 117-2nd Avenue N.W., Roblin
Mailing Address: Box 970, Roblin, MB R0L 1P0
Phone: (204) 937-6460
Fax: (204) 937-3608
Website: Click here

Parkland Community Futures

Phone: (204) 937-3437

Roblin & District Community Development Corporation

The Roblin & District Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a not-for-profit volunteer-driven organization incorporated with a specific mandate to support socio-economic developments for the community of Roblin.

There are many different types of great, not-for-profit, volunteer-driven organizations that exist in Roblin which provide many personal and community rewards as a result of people coming together in support of like-minded interests and activities. Activity and interest based social organizations are usually established socio-economic assets for communities and are a great place to learn about volunteerism and board structures. Having a single focus on one type interest can make an organization very strong in delivering its activity and fulfilling a mandate. At times, this strength in focus can limit expansion or inclusion of new ideas and alternative philosophies that aren't well established.

If you are interested in learning and participating in community development initiatives or have an innovative idea that you think could enhance the socio-economic climate in Roblin that might not fit well within another local organization's mandate, and would like to try it out, the Roblin CDC might be the organization that can support you!

Contact: Ben Brodeur, Secretary/Treasurer
Location: 125 1st Avenue NW, Roblin
Mailing Address: Box 1512, Roblin, MB R0L 1P0
Phone: (204)937-8333 ext224

Roblin Development Office

Roblin Economic Development (RED) administers local grant and incentive programs and offers free consultative support for non-profits, business-starts and established commerce seeking development assistance in the Roblin area.

Business plan preparation, market research, data analysis, cash projections, funding avenues, local climate, business context, marketing strategy etc. are just some of the business development concerns for new entrepreneurs that can be overwhelming at the start; even for seasoned entrepreneurs, the task of navigating government information, requesting municipal incentives and finding sources to obtain pertinent market data to support expansions can be a challenging at times.

While the Economic Development service offered by the Municipality can assist entrepreneurs in connecting with opportunity and building confidence to overcome a diversity of business start and growth obstacles, it is not a substitute for seeking legal, financial, and any other advice from professionally designated industry experts.

Drop-in appointments normally result in an inspiring idea and renewed energy for entrepreneurs. For more insightful and in-depth consultations, a preliminary phone call outlining the nature of your business allows for some pre-meeting investigations and the scheduling of a time that suits your needs.

Contact: Ben Brodeur
Location: 125 - 1st Avenue NW, Roblin
Mailing Address: Box 352, Roblin, MB R0L 1P0
Phone: (204)937-8333 ext224