The forest industry has been and continues to be a major employer for people in and around the Municipality of Roblin. Logging and timber harvesting in nearby Provincial Parks and the Western Parkland Region create many part time and full time jobs.

Roblin Forest Products is one of Manitoba's oldest privately held forest products companies, with operations dating back to 1958.

Roblin Forest Products produces pressure treated posts, poles and rails primarily for the agricultural market. The untreated residual wood fiber produced from the peeling of the logs is sold as mulch for landscaping material and bedding for livestock and off size wood provides many local residents with their seasonal supply of firewood.

Roblin Forest Products strengths include a dedicated and highly skilled workforce, ability to produce quality products and technologically advanced facilities. On the basis of these strengths, we have built a reputation for excellence in quality management, production efficiency, environmental responsibility and safety performance.

Roblin Forest Products employs about 20 people on a permanent seasonable basis at its plant and helps sustain employment for many more through the logging and hauling industries in the local communities.

Roblin Forest Products recognizes the importance of responsible forestry management. All wood coming into this plant is sourced from operations certified under the Sustainable Forest Initiative. Its treatment system makes it a certified plant under the Canadian Wood Preservation Certification Authority operating in Western Canada. By paying constant attention to how these resources are managed, RFP is ensured of a continuous supply of quality wood.