Labour is an important element to any business and Roblin delivers the affordable, skilled and reliable labour force that businesses need.  Our workers have a strong work ethic with long job tenure.  Our region is known for its entrepreneurs and innovators who have the desire to succeed.
The Town of Roblin, RM’s of Shell River, Park North and Hillsburg have a combined total population of approximately 3,500 people.  Roblin’s trading area consists of approximately 10,000 people, while it is estimated that 80,000 people live within a 100-km commuting distance.

Other Labour Force Details          

Total labour force (18 years and older) is 3000.

  • 90% of the eligible working population is working.
  • The area has an unemployment rate of 5.9% which is below the provincial average.
  • 60% of the labour force is employed in the agriculture industry, followed by trades and services.
  • 31% of the population have a university or college degree, 12% have a trades degree and 21% have a high school diploma or some post secondary education.