The RM of Park and RM of Shell River were joint proponents in an application to the Municipal Board to request the annexation of the area commonly referred to as RM of Park (North) by Shell River. The Minister approved the application this fall and the annexation took effect January 1, 2007. The two councillors elected for Park (North) took their oath of office for the new Shell River on January 2. Staff from both municipalities are currently working on issues to ease the transition.

Infrastructure Funding

On December 20, 2006, Vic Toews, Attorney General, announced that the Town of Roblin and the RM of Shell River will be receiving funding of $912,000 for a lagoon expansion project which will see the construction of two additional cells at the town’s existing lagoon site.

The expansion will improve effluent treatment and provide additional storage for nearby residential and commercial developments in Shell River.

Cottage Development

Manitoba Conservation Crown Lands has included two more recent developments along Lake of the Prairies (in the RM of Shell River) in the Cottage Lot Draws; Cupar's Creek and Mitchell's East Subdivision.