Community Foundation Information

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We hope this answers most of your questions.

If not, we're in this together, so grab any board member (but gently) and ask anything else you want to know.

The foundation is a non-profit community organization, governed by a Board of Directors who serve without remuneration for a maximum of two, three-year terms.


  • Guy Hammond, Chairperson 
  • Alison Safronetz, Secretary 
  • Dale Rands 
  • Sandra Stephanow 
  • Jim Mitchell 
  • Walter Hammond 
  • Melanie Keown
  • David Senderewich
  • Keith Warner
  • Vern Brown
  • Gwen Becker

A Foundation is a permanent capital fund of money raised by a group of your fellow citizens to assist other worthy endeavours in a particular area of settlement (in our case, the Roblin District). Manitoba Community Foundations were is established in partnership with the Thomas Sill Foundation. Roblin's was established in April of 2005.

Anyone who donated $1,000.00 or more by December 31, 2005 became a member of the Roblin District Community Foundation “Founders Club”. We appreciate all donors and they are recognized as “Friends of the Foundation”, but we felt there should be special recognition of those who made major donations during this critical start-up period for our foundation.

The rules of all foundations stipulate that a certain percentage (a minimum of 3.5%) of the interest generated annually MUST be spent on worthwhile community projects. This takes effect once the foundation has built its fund to a large enough level.

An ad will go into the local paper each year calling for applications for assistance from local charitable groups and any particular projects they are working on. 

Once the deadline for applying is past, a separate sub-committee of the Roblin District Community Foundation will meet to review all applications received.
That sub-committee will decide which particular groups will share in the foundation awards for that year.

The awarded funds are then handed out at the annual awards night.

The Roblin District Community Foundation has set up a number of funds in order to give back to the community:

General Fund: A gift to this fund gives your gift the most flexibility and is the preferable choice by the board of directors.

Crocus Court Personal Care Fund: The interest generated from this fund goes to support projects and needs at Roblin's only personal care facility.

Goose Lake High Education Fund: This fund was created to fund ongoing bursaries for deserving students at the high school.

Roblin District Hospital Fund: The interest generated from this fund goes to support projects and needs at the Roblin Hospital.

Cemeteries Fund: This newly established fund was created to ensure the perpetual care of cemeteries and burial sites in the area.

Roblin District Community Foundation Scholarship & Bursaries Fund: This fund was created to fund annual graduation bursaries/scholarships to deserving students at Goose Lake High School.

Monetary donations may be made at Roblin's municipal office. 

The Roblin District Community Foundation does issue charitable tax receipts for cash donations.

Property, artworks or other forms of value are appraised in accordance with Canada Customs and Revenue regulations and sold thereafter, with a tax receipt then going to the donor.

Bequests in will and Estate planned donations to the Foundation can provide a tax break for you as well. Ask a qualified financial consultant for advice on this.

Please contact the Foundation at (204) 937-4241 or if you have any questions.