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Water and Sewer

Part of the Town of Roblin's water and waste management strategy is an engineered wetlands to hold extra effluent. A poplar grove was also planted to absorb moisture. The sewage system consists of a four-cell lagoon with an effluent irrigation system. Once the sewage reaches the fourth cell, it is naturally purified and the effluent is irrigated on to crop land.

Due to the many lakes and rivers, Roblin possesses an available supply of water. Lake of the Prairies was constructed in 1968 by impounding the Assiniboine River near Shellmouth Manitoba. The lake which formed behind this dam is 30 miles long and has a surface area of 15,000 acres. The dam was originally built as a flood control measure.

Hydro & Gas

Manitoba has the lowest published electricity rates in North America and one of the most reliable power delivery systems on the continent, offering a competitive advantage for businesses located in Roblin.  Manitoba Hydro supplies both gas and hydro.  Three-phase hydro is available is some areas.


In today’s fast-paced economy, modern communications is a necessity.  Roblin offers all of the telecommunications that a business needs to be successful.  MTS supplies both land based and cellular service.  Other cellular service providers include Bell, Rogers and Telus.  High-speed internet (through Westman, MTS and I-Net Link), as well as satellite internet (Xplornet) services are available.