About the Roblin CDC

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The Roblin & District Community Development Corporation (CDC) was incorporated as such in 222 under it's own section in the Manitoba Corporations Act.   It was formed to provide socio-economic benefits to the community in a variety of ways and was brought together through local, municipal and provincial funding efforts.  

Through provincially legislated inclusion of certain requirements under the articles of incorporation and more recently update operating by-laws, the Roblin CDC is the only community development corporation in the Municipality of Roblin, provides financial transparency assurances through Municipal partnership and is open to include participation from local residents.  

Currently the Roblin CDC is not provided any municipal or provincial operating grants. Funding for programming is achieved through local fundraising efforts and grant applications for specific programs or projects. 

The CDC board is currently organized of 3 local volunteers and 2 municipal Council reps.

  • Jeremy Andres - Chair - Resident
  • Vacant-Secretary/Treasurer - Resident
  • Deb Wilson - Director - Prairie Mountain Health Rep 2020
  • Gail Chescu - Director - Municipal Council Rep 2020
  • Walter Hammond - Director - Municipal Council Rep 2020
  • Vacant - Director - Chamber of Commerce Rep 2020
  • Vacant - Director - Goose Lake High School Rep 2020
  • Vacant - Director - Resident
  • Vacant - Director - Resident